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An Ode to a Beautiful Dream

View of the City from North Head, Devonport

It was a smooth yet tiring 10-hour flight. We glided our way through the plane’s corridors as if on auto-pilot, clasping our luggage tightly like our whole life depends on it. The crisp spring air touched our face as we headed our way out from Auckland airport it made us shiver a bit, a gentle reminder that we are now miles away from the tropical warmth of Singapore.  Familiar smiles greeted and welcomed us to this City of Sails. We heaved a sigh of relief and sincere gratitude to the Almighty God.

Sailboats @ Half Moon Bay Marina

Finally! We waited 2 long years (which felt like eternity) before our resident visa was stamped in our passport. It was our dream to settle down in New Zealand, search for greener pastures and start our own family here. We’ve heard stories of how conducive the country is for raising kids and that its safety is second to none. Its government and school system are one of the bests in the world and the economy is fairly stable. Though it’s a far-cry from the fast-paced and upbeat lifestyle we had in Singapore, we embraced it’s more relax and laid-back perspective in life. Nothing here is in a rush, time doesn’t slip through your fingers like precious pearls. One can enjoy the serenity and peace that are mostly deprived when one is bourgeoned by deadlines and rat race.

Fresh blooms @ Auckland Botanical Garden

The skies just seem bluer and the grass greener on this side of the earth. Just a few minutes drive and you will see magnificent bodies of water where you can dip your toes or go on a full swimming sesh if the weather permits. And speaking of weather, this is also the country known for having 4 seasons in a day. Yes, it can be wintery cold in the early morn, summery at noon, heavy foliage falling in twilight then all windy and chilly again in the eve. It is indeed  the stuff where dreams are made of and we are so blessed to be living into such awesomeness!



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  1. Nice article, Marge! I’ve been enjoying your captions and shout- outs in FB and now with this blog, I think I’ll be wanting to read some more! You are a gifted storyteller. 🙂


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