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I Left My Heart in Wellington

Cable Car going down from Mt. Victoria

Ah! Windy Welly! I can write volumes of poetry about you and we’ve only known each other for 2 days! Ha-ha! But really, if I am given a chance to move here, I will definitely do so in a heartbeat. Wellington is so picturesque that I cannot take a bad photo of it, and that’s saying something considering that I got practically zero skills in photography. And the coffee here is so good you can find a good café almost anywhere. It is also noted that this “world’s coolest little capital” has more café, restos and bars per capita than New York! How great is that?

Mom and Bubba with Max Patte’s “Solace of the Wind” sculpture

Since we had two weeks of holiday break last Christmas, my husband decided to test his driving endurance (and patience for that matter) and went on a 10-hour road-trip from Auckland to Wellington, with a one night stopover in Taupo. Wellington is more compact than Auckland, so it’s easier to explore the city on foot. There are also more buses here compared to Auckland so you can just hop into one if you’re a bit tired and weary from walking. If you have your own car, attractions can be visited with only 5-10 minutes of driving. It’s a bit more chilly here than in Auckland because of wind factor so be ready to have a jacket handy if you are traveling on cooler months.

View of the city from Mt. Victoria

It’s so easy to fall in-love with Wellington, not in a maddening, hair-pulling state of love, but in a gentle motherly-nurturing kind of it. It’s a kind of place you will take good care of because you know it will give you the same kind of cultivation – both for your physical well-being as well as in the mind and soul.

Boats at the Waterfront

Just a simple stroll at it’s waterfront can help you clear your mind of daily stresses as the cool breeze of the ocean sweeps your meandering thoughts. A quick hike to Mt. Victoria could just be your much needed energy boost or if retail therapy is your thing, the city has countless of shops and stores wherein you can get spoilt for choices. If you’re a culture vulture you can visit Te Papa museum and be awe-inspired by it’s amazing Gallipoli exhibit. 

Gallipoli exhibit @ Te Papa Museum

There’s just everything for everyone in this city and no matter what your reasons are for visiting, I’m sure your heart will be captivated just like ours were smitten by its quaint and unassuming charm.



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