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Legoland Malaysia: A Breath of Fresh Air


Legoland Malaysia is the first of it’s kind in Asia. For most of us who’ve grown accustomed to theme park heavyweights like Disneyland or Universal Studios, this is a breath of fresh air. Though most of its rides are designed for kids, we enjoyed every bit of it nonetheless. I must admit I have a weak stomach for roller coasters and other adrenaline-pumping extravaganza so it all worked for me (he-he)!


Suprisingly, the waiting time for each ride was only more or less 15 minutes (compared to 1-2 hours in Disney Sea) so we were able to try most of the attractions! Expect the weather to be very hot and humid on this part of the globe so arm yourselves with sun protections like brollies, wet towels, sunblock and lots and lots of water.


We tried some of their indoor attractions like the laser-blasting dark ride and 4D movie during the peak of the heat and did the outdoor stuff especially Miniland when the weather got more comfortable and pleasant so we were able to enjoy it at  more leisurely


We allocated 2 hours of our time to Miniland alone because we know that there’s just so much to see there and we didn’t want to miss anything and boy are we right! The attention to details, the craftsmanship, the pure passion in building these replicas of famous landmarks around Asia is totally amazing! 2 hours just went by very swiftly.


All in all, Legoland Malaysia did not disappoint. We did some research before going so we had an idea of the age-group it caters and didn’t expect the rides to be at par with Universal Studios or even Disneyland so we didn’t get that feeling of being let down.


Legoland Malaysia has a charm of its own and it will be a shame not to give it a go!


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