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Cheers to Adventure!

A couple of years ago since we embarked on our great European adventure and it was still one of the best decisions we made despite being a last-minute and spontaneous one . Surely, it left a big dent on our bank account but the memories we made and experiences we collected are definitely unparalleled and worth a lifetime of stories to tell.



To be able to see world wonders such as The Colosseum, The Vatican, Eiffel Tower, The Pantheon, and Leaning Tower of Pisa that we thought we can only read about on textbooks;


to wander around the dream-like cobble-stoned alleys of Rome and drink cups and cups of cappuccino and wolf down slices upon slices of pizza;



to roam around Venice on a water taxi and eat pistachio gelato in spite of the autumn cold;


to know how it feels like to be royals at Chateau de Versailles if only for a day;


to push ourselves into a thick crowd of Mona Lisa hopefuls at the Louvre only to be underwhelmed at the end;



to marvel at the magnificence of Baselica de Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence and climbed up it’s bell tower which was a feat in itself;


to take the stinky and dark Paris metro which felt like a surreal adventure on its own;


to feel extremely blessed to be able to travel around Europe on our meager means,

and the list just goes on and on..

We can opt to buy trendy gadgets with the money we spent on travelling, or fancy watches, designer handbags, top of the line electronics, or new stocks and mutual funds but eventually, the gadgets get obsolete, the watch might get stolen and the stocks can plummet, but the memories we made while conquering the world — they last for a very very long time. Almost until forever.

So cheers to more adventures and being an awesome story-teller!


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