10623790_10153321567088906_8212999122091846009_o.jpgI was born in the Philippines and raised with a seemingly constant need to move thus resulting into this relentless itch to wander. I spent my early childhood days in Pampanga, pre-teens in Bicol, college in Laguna and a quarter of my adolescent corporate life in Manila.

In 2008, I met the love of my life, got married in 2010 and decided to move to Singapore in the same year. For five years the travel bug caught us off guard and we decided to roam around South East Asia, some parts of Japan, Korea and Europe before deciding to settle down in New Zealand on 2015. We had our first child in 2016 and plan to wander the world once more, but now with the bubba in tow.

Therefore, this blog is a hodge-podge of our current travel flings, parenting adventures as well as past escapades that I was just too eager to share to the world yet remained buried in my procrastinating virtual existence for so long.

This blog is 10 years in the making but I am so glad to get started because nothing is ever too late for this travel blogger wannabe! Join us  into this whole exciting adventure as we traverse and wander through highs and lows of parenthood and traveling!