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Penang: A Walk Down Artsy Lane


Penang will always be on our all-time-favorite list of places to visit in Malaysia, and that’s saying something since Malaysia has a plethora of interesting cities, beaches and world-heritage sites to go to. It’s so easy to fall in-love with Penang as you will be spoiled for choices since it is also dubbed as the foodie capital of Malaysia. And if you get a kick out of street arts, murals, graffiti walls, installations and other creative stuff, then Georgetown in Penang is the place to be!


The whole city is like a funky art gallery of some sort and you don’t need to be the artsy type to appreciate its quirkiness and cultural significance.


While exploring the corners and alleyways of this quaint UNESCO world heritage site, you can marvel at different neat pieces by home-grown as well as foreign artists, the most famous of which are the ones by the awesome Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic. It’s really cool so hurry up if you don’t want to miss them as they might soon disappear.

Below are some of the street arts we chanced upon while exploring Georgetown.