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Caleigh’s First Birthday in Queenstown!

Okay, I haven’t been a very good blogger and it’s 4 months (!) since I last updated my blog and this post is long overdue but work has got the better of me and there’s just too much on my plate lately that I haven’t had the time to sit down and write a proper entry, so my sincerest apologies to you all. For now I’ll quit yapping and tell you about our trip to Queenstown to celebrate my daughter’s first birthday last June. You see, we’re not the type who throw grand parties but we would definitely travel in a heartbeat at the slightest chance we got. We’re cool to spend our hard-earned money collecting memories rather than spending it on lavishness or material things so even when our daughter wouldn’t remember it yet, we decided to fly to Queenstown and add pockets of family quality-time to our memory bank instead.

Oh Queenstown! I can’t even begin to describe how awesome this place is. It’s not dubbed as “The World’s Adventure Capital” for nothing. If you’re into some adrenaline-pumping adventure and YOLOing, go pack your gear, rush to the airport and book a one-way ticket to Queenstown! Yes, live here if you must! Think of the stuff you’re lusting to tick-off your bucket list – skydiving, bungy-jumping, gforce paragliding, heli skiing, canyoning, etc. etc. — it’s all found in this adventure-mecca! But since we had a baby in tow, we kept it low-key and just settled for sight-seeing (sayang, mag sky-diving talaga dapat ako, ha-ha!).

For some night-life, you can head over downtown to Minus 5 Degree ice bar. It’s literally the coolest place in Queenstown with controlled temperature ranging up to negative 8 degrees! It’s so cold I only lasted for 20 minutes, yeah the cold did bother me after all. Here you can see ice carvings, shot glass made of ice and even the walls of this bar are made of thick ice. The admission fee comes with some mocktails and cocktails, which aren’t half bad either.

Queenstown did not disappoint on the sight-seeing department as well. From Arrowtown, to Glenorchy to Lake Wanaka – your senses will be filled with picturesque and scenic landscapes enough to fill your camera’s SD card! Be sure to have extra cards handy. Every angle is just so photogenic you cannot take a bad photo here even for an amateur like me.

Below are some of the mediocre shots we gathered, believe me when I say that pictures didn’t give this place justice.